Dolls Hair Studio - Where Everyone Can Be A Doll
Our Services Include:
Basic Services (Includes Shampoo & Condition):
Hair Cut                    $20
Nape Only Cut           $7
Blow Dry & Curl         $35
Blow Dry, No Curl       $23
Mold & Curl/ Wrap     $40
Spiral Curls/ Crimps   $50
Roller set                   $40
Rod set                      $50
Press & Curl               $45
Up Do                        $45 & up
Ponytail                     $40 & up

Relaxer Services (Includes haircut, blow dry & curl)
Nape Only Relaxer      $15
Texturizer                  $45
Touch Up                   $65
Virgin Relaxer            $20 extra
 *Service pricing based on length of hair
Color Services(Does not include hairstyling):
Rinse                         $15
Semi-permanent        $20
Demi- permanent       $25
Permanent                 $30
Double Process           $60
Highlighting               $65
Natural Hair Services (Includes shampoo & condition):

Straight back cornrows $25
Cornrow design            $30
Lock Start up               $50
Lock Maintenance        $45
Weave Services (Does not include hair):
Sew in (per track)       $20
Full head sew in          $200
Bonded (per track)      $10
Half head bonded        $65
Full head bonded         $95
*Lace front wigs require a consultation with the stylist and owner.

Doll House Specials
For the doll on a budget:
Tuesdays- Relaxer special (Includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Haircut, Blow Dry & Curl)- $55

Wednesdays- Come in for "weavy Wednesdays" for $10 off a weave cap

For the doll who gives of herself to others:
Thursdays- Nurses, Teachers & City workers (with valid ID) receive 20% off any regular priced hair service

For our mature dolls:
Dolls between the ages of 59-74 will receive 15% off any regular priced hair service.
Dolls between the ages of 75-up will receive 20% off any regular priced hair service.
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